Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Let's go on a date

Dates are high up there on my love it list.
I love going on dates with Tom.

I used to hate going on dates.
First dates/worst dates.

I once cried on the way to a date before I picked up the guy...
I was feeling so awkward about it that it literally gave me a pre date panic attack.

But now that i'm with Tom I love dates.
I love going to new places with him and having new experiences together.

When we're apart our dates are limited to skype.
When we're together the skies the limit.

Especially in Texas!
When we were in Liverpool we didn't get quite as many options
because Tom doesn't drive and we always used Public Transport.
PT limits you quite a bit unless you want to spend money on trains and planes...
Which we normally didn't.

But in Texas we've got more ground to cover, literally.
I have a car and can drive so we are all over the place.

Yesterday was a great date day.

We were thinking about going to Six Flags
but that didn't work out so we decided to check out what
the Fort Worth area had to offer.

We decided to go down to the Trinity River and go Kayaking.
If you live in the Fort Worth area and are needing date ideas you
should definitely jump on this one.

We show up at Panther Island and see the area where they rent out the boats.
Renting a Kayak, Canoe or Standing Paddle Board is so easy and inexpensive.

We got a Tandem Kayak for $15 for an hour.
An hour was long enough for us so it ended up being super affordable.

We had so much fun going down the river in the Kayak.
We even saw some turtles and a gator that turned out to be a log ;)

It's definitely something we'll go back and do again.

After the river we headed over to the StockYards.
We had some lunch and did a little souvenir shopping.

We ate at Risky's, the cheaper one ;)
It was so delicious, definitely a pit stop if you're ever in the area.

Tom loves Fried Catfish, and the StockYards doesn't disappoint!

Later in the evening we decided to have a simple picnic for dinner.
Tom bought me the prettiest blanket in the stockyards and I couldn't wait
to use it as a cozy picnic blanket.

We decided to order pizza and take it to the park and have a pizza picnic.
Or as I like to call it a Piznic.

Genius and delicious!!

We have a pretty large park and one of my favorite amenities that it offers
is the fully lit baseball field that is in use pretty much every night of the summer.

We put down our blanket and pizza and plates and drinks and
watched the game that was being played.

Tom wanted to go play with them so bad.
He said stuff like "I've never played baseball but I know I'd be so good at it." ;)

We really just had such a good day yesterday, and every day really :)

Dates don't have to be super expensive or crazy creative to be fun.
Just go down to the river or order a pizza and eat it at the park.

Dates are meant to be fun not money draining.

Hope this gave some of you a few new date ideas.
And if you're in the FW area I would hit up the Trinity River before
they close up shop for the fall and winter months :)

We are taking my little brother up to school today.
Tom get's to see Arkansas and Tennessee, two new states.
So if you need us, that's where we'll be.

ALSO I got a haircut the other day.
Chopped off 6 inches.
I was a bit terrified buuutttt.....

I looovvvvvveeeeeee it!!
Love, love, loovveee it!

My long hair was just getting a bit too long and stringy and gross.
Plus the hair lady told me how damaged it was and hair shamed me
the entire time she was cutting my hair...
Yes it was also very damaged..I get it!!
So chop chop went the hair and it's just so nice!

I hope you're all having a great day and an even better week.
I can't wait to update you all on our adventures in a few new states!!


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