Monday, August 11, 2014

One week of Texas

This time last week I was in Houston
eagerly awaiting the arrival of my main man.

Tom has now been in Texas for one week.
This actually brings his total time in Texas up to one month.
He's got a ways to go before he catches my 5 months in England ;)

We've been having such a great time, as usual.

Saturday night we went out with my sister and her husband
and we all went Rock Climbing.

Tom wasn't so sure about this because he doesn't mesh well with heights.
But he soared up those walls like a machine.

I mean I have little to no upper arm strength
and I wasn't using my legs like I was meant to 
so my time on the wall was short lived.

I mostly kept flinging myself off the wall when it got too hard
and as a result giving myself major wedgies.

But Tom was doing amazing considering his fear
and well it just made me so proud of him. :)

Then yesterday we went to Church where Tom was loved on by
numerous Church ladies who just love him so much.
It was reaalllyyy cute haha.

Last night we went to dinner at this place called Smash Burger.
I've only been there twice and it's so delicious.

It's like a simple burger place but I loved it and so did Tom.
They had a black bean avocado burger for him and his veggieness ;)

We were meant to be heading home after dinner but
I made a little looooop for Downtown Fort Worth.

Downtown Fort Worth has really grown so much in the past few years.

We strolled through the downtown scene and had some Jamba Juice
and saw a family of raccoons by the water gardens and then called it a night ;)

Our first week back together in Texas has been amazing.
We've already managed to do some much in a short amount
of time and we've got so much more to look forward to.

For example, this week we're driving up to Arkansas 
to drop my brother off at College.

We'll be in Arkansas for a few days but we'll
be doing a few little day trips as well.

Memphis is on this list as well as Heber Springs.
I'm also pretty excited to show Tom around my Alma Mater! :)

Today I think we'll keep things simple.
Tomorrow I'm thinking Six Flags...Maybe.

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Hope you are all having a wonderful day!

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