Saturday, August 9, 2014

Tomily Updates :) Week 1

Having Tom back in Texas and just back in general
has been so so so wonderful!!

I mean I obviously like/love the guy.
I don't hide the feels.
He's the best!!

So We've been busy ever since he got here
which is why it's been a little extra quiet around these parts.

On Tuesday we just decided to hang around the house.
We both needed a little R&R after the Houston trip.
Especially Tom, I mean he had a trip to Canada that we didn't foresee ;)

Tom LOVES the heat.
102 degrees doesn't scare him.
Which is good for him but bad for me.

Listen, A/C is a magical gift that should not be wasted.
While Tom thinks the sun and it's death rays are a magical gift..
So we've been going outside quite a lot, more than i'm used to.

But even though it's hotter than the sun outside
we've been having lots of fun.

We play Tennis, Basketball, soccer/football and we throw the frisbee around.
So we are being quite active which is a shocker to my lazy body.

Wednesday Tom went with me to a dentist appointment.
I was supposed to get a cap for my root canal area but it wasn't ready
and blah blah...I was just happy Tom was there...
I think all of the sweet women who work in the office
were also happy that Tom was there ;)

They know all about him.
I swear, that dentist office is worse than a ladies salon!! :)

After the Dentist and a Target run (obvi)
we went and played some miniature golf.
We capped the day off with a trip to Rosa's.
This was Toms first Rosa's experience and it's
pretty easy to say he loved it!!

The burrito folding concentration is no joke people!! ;)

On Thursday we went to Hurricane Harbor
which is our Six Flags water park in Arlington.

We got there as soon as it opened and we stayed till it closed.
We both got some sun and had a blast!!

I love water parks, i think they're so fun, especially in this heat.

I however am not so fond of those slide rides.
I will ride any roller coaster you want me to get on
but these slides just look straight up dangerous.

We rode almost all of them but you know, i was silently terrified..
Actually no, I wasn't silent, I let the people know how scared 
I was with my screams of pure terror..Ha!

It was so much fun though.
We even saw an identical couple.
The guy had Tom's shorts on and
the girl had my Target Romper.

They looked nice.
They could have been long lost couple friends. 
Oh well..

Ok and finally I have to tell you a funny story from last night.
We went to play Tennis last night around 9:30pm.

We get there and we're just rallying until Tom
starts jumping around randomly with a disgusted look on his face.

I was confused at what he was so visibly upset by so I 
jog over to him to see what's the matter.

Tom starts pointing all over the court and say's
something like "THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!!!!!"
So I look around and I see a few crickets and grasshoppers.

Tom has never encountered this species of bug ;)
And they jumped up and hit him in the leg and flew
at his face one too many times and Tom just cracked.

I mean I went in for a hug to try and calm him
and he jumped away from me telling me that we can't
stand still or they will jump on us, moving around is key!!

At this point i was laughing so hard
because Tom was just jumping and bouncing all over the court
trying to avoid any type of conflict with these bugs.

We decided to end the game early to leave
and Tom ran over to me, asked for my keys and
then straight up abandoned me and went to the car ;)

He now thinks i'm crazy that i'm terrified of spiders
but not terrified of the "Disgusting jumping bugs."

So night tennis may be put on hold for a little while ;)

We're really having such an amazing time.
I'm so happy he's here and he's so happy he's here.
I love how we just pick up where we left off.
He's just the greatest and I can't wait to see what
the next couple of weeks have to offer! :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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