Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Birthday Abroad | Falling | Leaving

On September 4th, 2014 I turned 24.
The amount of 4's in my birthday this year
made it feel a little luckier which I know is totally
silly but birthday's are magical so I'm going to go with it ;)

I usually spend my birthday in School.
Sometimes my Birthday falls on a weekend
or labor day and I'll have the day off
but usually I was in school.

I like to tell everyone that my mom
was in labor on labor day, I mean she was
but it just doesn't mean the same thing ;)

Anyways, this year I was definitely not in school
but instead I was on holiday in the Dominican Republic.

The day was pretty normal, we stayed by the pool
then we went down to the beach.

Everyone in our group gave me well wishes
and happy birthday's throughout the day.

Dinner time came around and we had reservations
at the Italian restaurant on the resort.

The whole group came and I got to sit at the head of the table
where the balloons were which meant that the staff knew something
which meant that maybe I'd get some free cake ;)

Well after we ate I looked over and saw the staff gather and then the
singing starting as they walked over with my cake.
Then Tom and his family started singing and it was just great.

As soon as they got over to me one of the waiters 
popped all of the balloons as a form of celebration
that my heart was not ready for.
Scared the crap out of me.

Anyways, they sang and after they sang
the staff came over to me and they all shook
my hand and told me congratulations which was so sweet
and a little bit funny.

Congratulations you made it another year..haha

After dinner Tom and I headed down to some shops
because I had been eyeing a ring that I wanted.
(Not an engagement ring)

See, just a fun blue ring.
The stone is Larimar and it's the
national stone of the Dominican Republic.

I think it's beautiful and if you see me around
you'll probably see me wearing it because I haven't
taken it off since getting it.

My Birthday in the Dominican was one I'll never forget.

It's the first time Tom and I have been in the same place on my birthday.
We were also together on his birthday this year.

I obviously love being with my family on my birthday
but if I had to be anywhere else I'm real glad it was with Tom and his family.

They are my second family and I love them all so much.
It was great to be able to spend my 24th birthday with them.


Ok so i'm going to wrap up the Dominican posts today.
I've just got two more things to add and then I'll be finished for a while.

A few posts ago I talked about bruises that were on my body.
Well those bruises are from a pretty nasty fall.

In fact I'd go as far to say it was my worst fall, and i've had plenty.

I don't even like calling it a fall because 
I threw my body into the ground so violently.
It was more than just a fall...

So Tom and I were sitting around being lazy when I heard
it start to pour rain outside.

Call me crazy but I got REALLY excited.
I told to Tom to come see it with me but it
was more of a shout because i shout when i'm
excited about something.

So I head out into this tile hallways that goes
from being covered to being outside.

I see the rain and I decide it's a good idea
to run towards the rain as if the rain would leave
at any moment during the downpour.

Tom is now behind me and I run, not fast, but
I run towards the rain and Tom runs behind me.

So I'm running and then I'm not running
I'm actually flying through the air.

Not only am I flying through the air but i'm also in a narrow-ish
hallway so i'm also banging body parts against walls and the floor.

Now i'm sliding.
Sliding across the tile floor, almost unconscious i'm sure.
I slide and then I plop off the step that goes from the
tile hallway onto the cement sidewalk.
And I stop.

I looked up and saw Tom standing there absolutely 
bewildered as to what just happened.

He runs over to me grabs me ever so gently
because every muscle in my body has basically given up on me
and he slowly moves me back inside.

Once we are safe from the rain that USED to be so cool
we take a look at my injuries.

I hadn't hit my head but I suspect if I had
we would be calling an emergency vehicle.

I was in shock, I was shaking and weirdly crying
with no tears, I think my tear ducts were in shock as well.

The worst pain I had were in my toes.
I was sure that three of them were broken.

I'm wiggling them now and they still hurt..

The fall was bad but right after the fall I didn't think there
was too much wrong with me and I thought I got out lucky.

Next day my left foot pinky toe was black and blue and so painful
to walk on that I had to limp.

I had a HUGE bruise on my right side thigh
and my right arm felt like it had been punched several times.

And finally I had a nice scrape on my left knee.

So as you can see I didn't just injure one side of my body
but instead I injured both sides of my body.

I don't know how my head was not involved but i'm very glad it wasn't.

Sheesh that was a long story.

We had a few days left at the resort after my fall.
We just relaxed until it was time to head home.
We even got some more sun thankfully.

Two weeks in paradise kind of made us forget the journey home.
Tom was going to have to go back to Santiago while
I went back to Puerto Plata.

We flew our separate ways and met up in Miami.
We had some pizza for dinner and then got on our last flight to Dallas.

The flight was nearly half empty which was nice.
Lot's of room so everyone could enjoy some extra space.

So we take off and everything is great...

Yea, I don't know if you've ever been on a plane
where it just drops out of the sky but it's absolutely terrifying.

We only fell for about a second but it was long enough
for you to pee your pants multiple times.

I mean a woman screamed, she screamed.
One thing you don't do on a plane is scream.

It was terrifying.

Luckily they got things back to normal but never
actually told us anything about the drop.

We all expected a little announcement like this...
"Oh sorry folks..psh..we had a little turbulence there...psh..
nothing to be alarmed about...psh...go about your business...psh..
and thank you for flying American."

But no...none of one said if it didn't happen..

But we made it back to Dallas in the end 
so I guess it wasn't that bad.


I'm going to stop there.
Hope you are all having a great day!

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