Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Excursion in the Dominican

I started my Dominican trip posts last week
but obviously with Tom heading back to England
I had to interrupt the vacation posts a little bit.

Well Tom made it home safe and sound
and I had a good weekend in Houston with 
my best friend from College, Lauren.

Now I'm home, he's home and it's time
to get back to the normal grind.

His grind is work, my grind is
trying to find work for the next 3 months..

But currently I'm sick in bed with 
a pretty severe cold that started Sunday
afternoon with a teeny sneeze and worked
it's way up to fever, sore throat, sneezing, coughing + some
all in like an hours time, and it's still going..

So i'm thinking this is a perfect time to continue
to blog about our time in the Dominican Republic!!

For the most part we were all beach/pool bums.
But there was one day when the whole family
went on a boat excursion where the final destination
was a place called Paradise Island.

We woke up early and got on a large bus along
with about 20 other people, we made up almost half of the group.

We got on our way and headed over to where our boat was waiting.

Once on the boat we headed to a natural swimming area in the ocean.
I was so nervous about this because swimming is not something i'm good at
and swimming in the ocean with fish is something i'm terrified of...

So I was like...ok let's get there and see what it's like and then
we will just see what happens..

We get there and this is what we see..

And i'm like...OH SNAP, this is happening!!
The water was so clear and so blue and I was not going
to stay on that boat for a minute longer.

So we all jumped in, actually I slid in off my bum.
Baby steps, baby steps.

We also got floatie noodles so I was golden.

we swam around for about 40 minutes before it
was time to get on the boat and head to the next stop.

Next we headed over to a beach where our lunch was being made.
We walked onto this beach and were welcomed with
fresh coconuts already ready for us to enjoy...
Or to try and then decide it's so so nasty.

We decided after two sips that these were not for us.
BUT they are fun and picture worthy so you know..selfie coconut time,
even though they're really nasty ;)

We had lunch on the beach and then headed back
to the boat to head to the final destination.

Paradise Island

This island is bigger than it looks
however most of it / all of it was covered in water.

Paradise island consists of 7 palm tree shacks
that house snorkel gear for tourists.

We got off the boat and got our snorkel gear.
Most of the group went with the guide to snorkel 
over the coral and to see more fish.

I stayed behind with Holly Toms sister
and we had a blast snorkeling around the little island.

Our guide said there were fish that can bite when you
go to the deeper snorkel area...soooo....i was happy to stay behind ;)

We saw some beautiful fish in our area and we were even able
to get closer to the coral area so we got to see some of that as well.

It was so fun, the whole day, it's one of my favorite day's that we had on the trip.
Plus I got to do it all with this handsome guy which
made it even better!! 

Tomorrow I'll talk about my
birthday in the Dominican.


Hope you're all having a great week!

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