Sunday, September 14, 2014

Saying Goodbye / Airport Scene

We left the house around 7:30am yesterday to begin our
trek to Houston to drop Tom off at the airport.

We went to IHOP and got a hearty breakfast before we hit the road.

Fort Worth to Houston is a 4 hour trip.
4 hours of last minute chats, jokes, giggles and mushy love.

We listened to the oldies but goodies
and we talked about the past six weeks.

We reminisced on our favorite moments and
we talked about what we think is to come.

We were able to brainstorm ideas for next year
during the trip and we actually came up with a pretty great plan.

Let's just say we might just do this year over again,
except this time budget better and save more money.

So if we can work it all out
i'll soon be looking at flights back to England :)

We're relived now that we kind of have a plan in place.
Before the trip up to Houston we were both just
unsure about the next step.

But now we think we've got it figured out
so I'll talk more about this later.

Airport Time

We get to the airport around 1:20.
This is when hand holding becomes essential and
looking at each other directly in the eyes becomes difficult.

We get Tom checked in and move ourselves
to a little corner in the airport where we feel semi alone.

We hugged and I burried my head in Tom's chest.
We're at perfect heights for warm chest hugs, at least for me.
Tom's head just floats above ;) haha

We get ready to part ways when I say something like "Noooo, WAIT"
and then I attack Tom and give him a neck raspberry.

Listen, the neck raspberry sends him into a fit of giggles.
He was looking so sad to be leaving so I lightened the mood
with a neck raspberry, i'm a classy lady ;)

We laugh and kiss and hug and kiss and he
walks off and I walk after him and we kiss and hug
and then I say something like "we're starting to draw attention"
AND THEN Tom decides to really go in for a big kiss
which leaves our audience in giggles and ewws haha.

I told Tom that I didn't want him to leave and the look
on his face will probably stay with me forever.
His face crinkled up and bit and he almost crumbled.

Tom doesn't really cry in these instances.
I cry, I'm the cryer, I've got the crying part down.

Tom waits till after I leave and then tells me
he had a moment after I left.

But this time around he allllmmooossstttt lost it ;)

My poor guy, he didn't want to leave and man oh man
if I had the recourses to keep him with me all the time
you better believe I'd do whatever it would take.

But he had to leave in order for us to continue to move forward.
It's a strange way to look at it but it's true.

I'm just really really excited to get back to him.

If that means going back to England for 6 months than so be it ;)

So another Tomily time has come to a close
but there is just sooo much more to come :) :) :)

Hope you're all having a wonderful sunday.

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