Monday, September 22, 2014

Tomily Plans for the next year!!

Well i already mentioned that
the school thing was a buuussstttt.

We were hoping that Tom would be able
to enroll at our local college here in town and
just take a few classes that he was interested in.

Tom already has a degree from his University in Liverpool
so we thought it would be easy to get him accepted
into a non university for a few fun classes.

We were wanting to get him over in Texas
for about a year on a Student Visa.

But we found out that if you get a student visa you have to follow
a degree plan and that wasn't what we wanted.

This school doesn't do Masters programs either.
And we're not really looking at getting a Masters degree
because it would just cost too much.

We didn't want Tom to follow a degree plan either
because instead of taking the classes he'd want to take
he'd be stuck in English and Math and Science classes
just like a first year student.

So anyways...that's not happening

We got pretty pumped about the school thing.
We started thinking about all of the fun stuff we could
do in the USofA for the next year.

But then it crashed and burned soooo we had to move on.

While we were in the car driving to Houston
last weekend we brainstormed ideas the whole way.

We discussed the option of going to
Australia or New Zealand next year.

We punched some numbers...
and realized that we'd be spending more than saving
if we were to move across the world to either place.

Both AUS and NZ have the working holiday programs
so we would be able to work while over there which is good
but the money we made would have to go to rent and food
and anything else we'd want to do and I just don't
see us saving up as much as we'd want to save.

Plus on top of that we'd both need to have
about $7,000 by the end of this year.

laughing gif photo: Beyonce Laughing beyoncelaugh.gif

I have like....$50 in my bank account ;)
So that doesn't look like it's going to happen right now.

We came to the conclusion that this next 
year needs to be about saving money.

Tom has a good job in Liverpool and we
want him to keep that job for as long as possible.

So after we decided that moving across the world
was just not going to happen we transitioned
over to talking about going back to England.

We were pretty happy by the time we got
to Houston because we now had a plan.

So here's the plan...the early version as I'm 
sure it will expand and change in the coming months.

I'll go back over to England in January or early February
for a few [5or6] months...

Then I'll come home at the end of that
and get a job and work for the rest of the year
and save up my paychecks along with Tom's paychecks
that he's been saving and will continue to save.

Tom may or may not come back
over to Texas next year.

Just depends on work and money.

We're hoping to have quite a bit saved up
by the end of next year so that we can
do more in the following year.

Maybe even permanent things.

We've heard Just get married already and well yea I'd love that
and so would he, but we want to be financially ready
to do that because we have more to plan and pay for than just
a wedding and a honeymoon.

We've got to pay for a marriage visa and a flight
and a small wedding and a fantastic honeymoon
and an apartment and we have to decide who's moving where
or are we both moving???????

If we move to England then Tom has
to be making a specific amount of money or have
enough saved up to support me.

The same goes for moving over here
except over here my parents can sponsor us
If I don't make enough money to support us yet
which makes it much easier on us.

The costs and questions just add up real fast
and we just want to be responsible and prepared
for when the time comes. :)

We're so responsible, I sometimes wish we weren't
but I know it will only benefit us in the long run.


Hope you're all having a good start to your week!!


  1. I understand this whole process all too well, and it's so great that y'all are being responsible. Those visas are such a crazy amount of money. I lived here on visas for many years, and it added up quickly! That's exciting that you'll get to go back to England next year though! :)

    1. Yea it's such a pain but it's sadly necessary ;) I'm really excited to go back over. I love it over there :)

  2. My husband (yea, we got married!) just submitted his application and just that has cost around 1.5 k (between doctor's visits and application fees, that's how much it will set you back- and that's just the beginning....yikes.) My parents are sponsoring as I make zero dollars, and honestly while it sounds like a quick/easy fix it's actually neither of those things- we won't even know if we can start our lives together until March, 2 months before I graduate. Perhaps the best thing is to continue to try and hunt down jobs- you might consider positions at U.S. companies in the UK such as study abroad offices (one of my best friends did this.) They're not easy to find but perhaps an internship through your university is available.

    the LDR thing is scary, but definitely doable. Best of luck.

    1. Oh man congrats on your marriage!!!! I will probably be emailing or calling you one day for tips ;) that's so exciting!!

  3. I am sad you guys are dismissing the Australia/NZ WHV thing so quickly. I had such a good time and we are so lucky to be able to participate in such an easy program, that I think everyone should do it. I managed to save about NZ$5,000 in 16 months in New Zealand (and would have been more if I had stayed in cheaper housing my entire time) but Australia was much harder. Besides, the point of the WHV isn't to earn and save money to bring home, it's to earn money in said country and then use it to travel and return it back to the economy. I left both with a zero balance and was thrilled with it.

    Also, there are ways around the proof of bank account funds, let me know via email what tricks of the trade (that are quite well know) that people use.

    Good luck!

    1. Oh no no we're not giving up on going to AUS/NZ ;) we're just going to wait to do it, maybe after we get a few other things settled first :) :) we still want to go, that's for sure :) :)