Thursday, September 25, 2014

I GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!!

Oh hey, guess what????
I'm a working woman!!
I'm a Nanny!!!

I basically feel just like Fran because
I'll be watching kids and i'm dating a Brit
and I have a nasally voice sometimes...or all of the time.
Dang allergies...

So I am officially a working woman
but i'll be working with two little kiddos
instead of working on things like spreadsheets ;)

From now on I'll have 2 car seats in the 
back of my little Honda Civic.

I'll have two new besties,
one is 3 and the other is 6
and i'm so excited about it!!

It's true though, I'm a College Grad with my BBA
and I took a nanny job....Why??

Well truth is I could have probably
looked for jobs that weren't nanny jobs.
I could be doing 9-5 M-F and be making
good money and stuff but have zero zero zero
time for my really fun relationship with Tom.

Soooo I chose a part time nanny job
with crazy amazing hours and GREAT PAY.
Like.....whoa....the pay...holy smokes!!
Not trying to brag but...If I knew I could nanny
and make more money that way than a regular job
then I would have gotten my degree in nannying ;)

I am just SO excited about this.

I emailed the Mom on Monday through the
website and heard back from her the same day.
I had my interview the next day and then two days later
I have a job and my $3 in my bank account looks
a little bit brighter and cheerier because it's about
to get some fraaannnddssss!!

I will work 3 days a week, 6 hour days with breaks in between
because both kids are in school.

I do drop offs and pickups and homework and playtime
and probably one too many fun trips to Target ;)

This job is also going to change all of those 
Tomily plans I wrote about the other day.

As soon as I write down a plan it only takes like
a day or two for something to happen that changes those plans.

So that's crazy and exciting.
We've got some stuff to work out now
and we're both really excited about the changing plans.
I'll add onto that later once it's all confirmed.

So yea, I've got a job and I'm so pumped.

I can't wait to meet these kiddos and
start this fun journey with this really sweet fam.

:) :)

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