Monday, October 6, 2014

23 Months, newish bathroom & nanny notes

Tom and I have officially made it into
the 23rd month of our relationship!!

Is 23 months significant??
Of course it is, every month is!!

We actually stopped counting months a long time ago
but as we're nearing November and our two yearaversary
we couldn't help but get excited for 23 months.

When we're reminded of how long we've been together
it takes us back to how this all came to be.

Two kids, bored, looking for a person to chat with
from the other side of the world.

I'm so so thankful that he decided to talk to me.
I'm so thankful that I talked back
and I'm extremely thankful that
I decided not to shy away from him
because he was a guy and he was cute
and I was so inexperienced in the dating world.

I found the funniest, sweetest, most amazing guy that day
23 months ago and I'm forever thankful for him and the
love he gives me every single day even
when we're not on the same continent.

He's the best!!
Here's to another 23 months + some ;)

Over the past week or soooo I've been working on updating our
upstairs bathroom which is really now my bathroom.

The red wasn't really doing it for me so 
I've switched over to black and white.

I also decided I wanted to add some frills to the big wall.
I bought some cheap letters from a craft store and glitterfied them.
I thought You're Lovely was a perfect message to find in the
place where you can notice numerous imperfections that
just aren't there because we're all lovely!!!

I need to get an apostrophe for you're but other than
that it turned out so so great!!

Then Underneath the message I decided to hang
some clear containers from Target's Dollar Bin section
and then put my nail polish in them.

I think it really came together so well.
Makes me feel like my bathroom is a nail salon
where I get to just pick a color from the wall.
I've still got some work to do on the bathroom
but so far it's looking really great!! :)

And finally the nanny notes.
I am loving this job of mine.

The kids are just the sweetest
and it doesn't hurt that the hours and the pay are spot on!!

The little girl is 3 and we just have a blast together.
She's my little best friend now and I love her.

We've watched frozen multiple times now
and It's the funniest thing because not only does
she know all of the words to the songs
but she knows EVERY line that Elsa speaks
AND she also knows all of Elsa's movements.

If Elsa throws herself into the floor in despair
then C will hop off the couch and drop to her knees
and put her head on the total despair ;)
It's so hilarious to watch, she's a future theater student for sure!!

The boy is 6 and he's great, he's a first grader
so I only see him in the afternoons but we
have a good time together as well.

Put the two of them together and it can
be a little overwhelming with a 3 year old
that thinks she can do everything her older brother
is doing and older brother doesn't necessarily want
her doing everything he's doing.

I'm basically getting excellent future parenting lessons ;)
But they are really just such good kids and it's a blast to look after them.

I lucked out with this job for sure ;)
Hope you're all having a great week!!

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