Thursday, October 2, 2014

Map Wall

For my birthday this year I decided I wanted
to buy 14 maps to put all over my window wall in my bedroom.

I love maps, I think they're beautiful and artistic and exciting.
I love looking at them and dreaming of places
that I would like to travel to.

They're magical and I wanted to be surrounded by them
so I asked for maps for my birthday and my
parents bought me 14 of them.

As soon as Tom and I got back from the caribbean
we came up to my room and found the maps on my bed.

I was like a kid in a candy shop.

I unwrapped all of them and laid them
out in all they're glory and started to brainstorm
how I'd want to place them on the wall.

I decided to put them on the wall where my window was
because it's kind of the focal point of the room and 
I felt like I had enough maps to cover most of the space.

All of the maps are cavallini papers & co maps.
I bought some while I was in England and I loved them so much
that when I started looking at maps I decided to try and find more of the
same kinds that I bought while I was in England.

I found a lot more, all on Amazon, and they were really affordable as well.
So In the end I think buying 14 maps cost about $65.

Maybe that's not super affordable but I feel like I would have spent way more
on map wallpaper for this wall and well it just wouldn't have looked as good ;)

We hung the maps on the wall with tacks because I'm just lazy
and it seemed like the easiest way to do things.

It doens't look bad either, you can't even see the tacks unless you really look for them.

Here's the final product of our labor :)

I love how colorful these maps are.
They brighten the room up so much and just make
it a really magical place to be.


Hope you like my map wall.

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