Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Here's some things I'm currently doing
or thinking about doing or just too lazy to do but need to do.

-Listening to T-Swift 1989 - It's real, real good!! My favorite songs so far are Blank Space, Bad Blood, I wish you would and wildest dreams!!! She done real good!!

-Looking at flighty flights for Tom :) :) Now that Tom has his visa we get to start looking into buying his flight. ALSO a few weeks ago before this visa bizz went down we found ROUND TRIP FLIGHTS FROM MANCHESTER TO DALLAS IN THE $500'S!!!!!! Guess where they are now that we want to buy one...the $1,000's...siigghh

-Eating a yummy salad - I know how to make a really unhealthy and delicious salad. It involves some lettuce, carrot slices, chicken and lots of cheese, garlic croutons and creamy caesar dressing....At least it started out healthy....

-Cheesy salads aren't helping anyone get healthy so i'm looking into some eating/exercising programs. Right now that program is a mix between the real food plan and Beach Body Guide. I haven't actively exercised since I got back from Liverpool in June. I need to get back into it. 

-I am really really really wanting to chop another inch or two of hair off. I am loving the messy bob look and I even considered bangs for like an hour last night and then I went and did a top knot and flipped the ends around over my forehead and gave myself bangs without actually cutting my hair...and well, let's just say bangs are a no go!! I literally laughed in my own face, it was so bad!!! I'm also loving the idea of no pony tails or top knots..I feel like I get so lazy with my hair and just throw it up on my head all of the time. I want a look that's chic and simple but that makes me feel good and so that I don't want to throw my hair on top of my head all of the time..does that make sense?? Here's some inspiration..

-Business Planning - So I have business ideas like every single day. So when I have an idea I write it out, I think about logistics and if it's too complicated or it's something I don't feel 100% about then I will just leave it and move on. Two days ago I had an idea. I talked to my parents about it, I talked to Tom about it and everyone seems to think it's a good idea and it's worth moving forward. So I'm going to work on writing up the business plan over the next couple of weeks. Then if it looks good enough I might send it off to some of my old Business School Professors to see what they think. If it all goes smoothly then the plan is to start working on it over the next year so that maybe it would be ready to launch in 2016. This one is serious y'all!! I'm feeling really really good about it! As we get it pulled together I'll start sharing more about it! :)

-Since we're on the subject of Business...I'm also currently trying out some new etsy items that I want to add to my shop. I really like the look of these and I'm thinking about making some holiday one's as well, like 'Tis the season' and 'Give thanks' :)

-Looking into restaurants in New York - My parents are going to NYC for their 30th anniversary!! We booked the flights/hotel and broadway show last night. I'm so jealous but I know they will have such a blast!!!

-Online shopping for fall staple pieces - I've been trying to collect some good tops for fall over the past couple of weeks. I've spent more at Old Navy than I'm comfortable with. But I feel like I am collecting a nice wardrobe for the coming seasons.

T-Swift, Shopping & planning...that's basically it for me currently ;)

I hope you're all having a great week :)
Happy Week of Halloween!!



  1. You parents should go to The 21 Club for dinner! It's really good and definitely a place for a special occasion. Also, it is right near most of the Broadway theaters.

  2. This post is awesome :) I know exactly how you feel about international flights. When we looked into flying from DFW to Paris it was about 800 and then when we bought in August it was almost double :(