Thursday, November 6, 2014

2 years of dating bliss + Tom wrote half of this ;)

Hey peeps, gueeessss whattttt??
Todddaaayyyy is my two year anniversary with Tom.
Is that the right way to say it??
My two year anniversary?
Our two year anniversary??


Yeeaaaa, that's right, two years of dating bliss.

I think it's absolutely crazy that it's already been two years
but then at the same time i'm feeling like we've been together longer than that.

I mean looking back on everything we've done so far
it feels like we've had a small lifetime together ;)

We went from penpal messages to letters to skypes to texting to real life
to skype to real life to skype to real life and currently back to skype.

We've skyped hundreds of times for hundreds of hours.
We text like it's going out of style and we are probably
the only two people still using massive amounts of emoji's.

There hasn't been one single day in the past 730 days that I haven't talked to Tom.
We've been saying 'I love you' on a daily basis for 595 days.
We've spent 232 days physically together.
We've been to 5 countries & 5 States together.
We've kissed in some pretty magical places ;)

I love him so very much.
Happy Anniversary bugs!!
You're my favorite!!!


Tom wrote a little bit for the bog today
Soooo be sure to read this part in 
Your best British accent ;)


It seems strange that the last time I remember writing a blog it was just before
I went over to the US to meet Emily for the very first time. Now I sit here, getting
ready to go for the third time, two years after first saying hello online. It feels like
so long ago, longer than 2 years even, because so much has happened in that time. 

Emily has been over to England to see me twice, the second time was for
six months which was great because it was the first time that 
we really got to be with each other for a good while.

Living together, eating out, shopping, going to the cinema, it was really great just being
together without having to worry about one of us leaving.
That time was kind of the closest Emily and I got to having a
normal relationship which was nice for a change. 
The novelty of long distance gets old fast
but of course I wouldn't change anything because I love her.

Most recently I've also been back to Texas. Which was great too, because I love it there 
and haven't yet been able to spend as much time there as I'd like. But just the short time
that I have been there I've felt so at home. Emily's family have been amazing and I'm
looking forward to seeing them all again. 

So when Emily came up with the idea of me coming back to stay for 6 months
it wasn't long before I was on board. I was a little scared leaving my job but the opportunity to do what Emily did was too good to pass up. Which is exactly what I told the 
people at the US Embassy, which was a little scary too! But all the money we've spent, 
leaving my job, jumping through hoops just so I can get there, its all been worth it to
see Emily because I love her and I can't wait to see her again in January!


Weeeellll there you go :)
So much love over here!!

Today is such a good day and i'm so happy
and I love Tom sooooo much!!

I can't wait for him to get here in January.
Next year is going to be the best year yet!!!

Hope you're all having a great day!!

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