Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Home Alone

This past weekend my parents went to New York
for their 30th Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to those two, they are without a doubt
the best parents in the entire world and I'm so thankful they are mine!

So about two weeks ago they sprung this idea on us kids,
telling us they were considering a trip to the Big Apple
to celebrate their 30th year together!


My sister, brother and I were thrilled because we were
trying to come up with a big creative celebration but time
and money were running low so when they said New York
we got some money together and gifted them with
a card full o' money so that they might do some
extra fun stuff that they might not do otherwise.

So long story short...
They left for New York on Friday morning.

The only people that live in our house are my parents and myself.
Yea, still living at home, moochin like a champ until
long distance becomes no distance ;)

So when they left they left me, all alone, in this big house.

I've never in my life slept in this house by myself.
It's not something I ever wanted to do but you know
I had to put on my big girl panties and just bite the bullet
because we all have to grow up.

So during the day it's all sunshine and butterflies
but then the night comes and it's freaking terrifying.

Freaaaking terrifying!!!

I will not tell a lie, I totally slept downstairs in my parents room.
Yea, I'm 24, so what??

I came to the conclusion that my parents room had a lock on the door
while my bedroom upstairs had no such thing.

PLUS if we were burglarized I'd be on the first floor,
which would make fleeing the house in the event of a fire
or break-in much much easier than jumping from my second story window.

I put a lot of thought into this.
A lot of thought.

I had my escape planned out, blueprinted, I was ready!!

Can you say paranoid????

Yea, i know...

I even thought about getting really crafty and boobytrapping the place.
I had some major major plans that would put Macaulay Culkin to shame!!!

So while I should have used this weekend to party
by myself, probably binge watch some shows and eat loads of Pizza,
I, instead, decided to sit around totally freaked out that this would
be my last weekend on the planet because SOMETHING was
bound to happen during the night.

So night 1

I locked all of the doors and then double checked them ten minutes later.

So there I was all snug on my momma's side of the bed.
They have a sleep number bed, i didn't hate it!!

I was flipping through the channels on the Tv,
mostly watching House Hunters and Diners, Drive ins and Dives.

It was probably around 1:00am when I turned the sound on the Tv down
and prepared myself to go to sleep, night one, alone.

So i'm closing my eyes, all is quiet and chill when....

This isn't like a quiet flush either, it's like one of those
flushes that the toilets in public restrooms do.
The LOUD ones that make kids cry.

Yea, that!!

It flushed and I had about 70 mini heart attacks.
I'm surprised I didn't jump out of bed and hightail it out of there.

Ghosts?? Are there Ghosts that like to flush toilets??
Is this like a game to them??

I finally fell asleep.

Night two was the same, the EXACT same.
The freaking toilet of terror flushed again and this
time i'm pretty positive i pee'd myself.

I wasn't ready for it, not ready at all.
Freaking toilet.

Night Threeeee I had a dream that seemed all to real.
I was home alone, in my parents room, scared.
It even included casper the friendly ghost
but I tell you this, he was not friendly...
More like casper the terrifying ghost.

Why did I dream about Casper?
No freaking idea...

There was however no toilet of terror that night.
So you win some you lose some.

Moral to this story is I'm still alive, I survived.
But I'm also a total wimp and I never want to live by myself.

I'm hoping I'll never have to!!

So yea...There's that ;)


  1. Sounds like me! Haha! But I'm concerned, what made the toilet flush??? Do you have a cat that walks around the house and could have set it off? I would have frozen in the bed, being super still and stiff listening for sounds of someone in the house (all the time thinking that this is how it all ends). I mean, I would have nearly died of fright!! Glad you somewhat survived ;) If there is an explanation for the mystery toilet flush, I'd love to hear it. Thanks for the hilarious and relatable story!

    1. Hahaha well my parents told me it's been happening a lot lately, something about the tank haha I'm not really sure but at least I know it was just the toilet malfunctioning haha

  2. Well at least that's all it was- hahaha

  3. hahaha loved this!