Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Do you have a Bucket List?

I was talking to Tom on the phone
last night and the topic of bucket lists was brought up.
I think I brought it up...clearly it's on my mind.

I think there is something really amazing about Bucket lists.
Just thinking about mine gets me all hyped up about
adventures and new experiences.

I've only really been into this whole adventure
thing for like three years.

My decision to study abroad in Paris in 2012 kind of
threw me into a world full of adventure and I 
really fell in love with that world.

A travel Bucket list wouldn't have even
been on my radar before Paris.

But now that I've seen bits and pieces of the world
I really am intent on seeing more of it.

So my little travel bucket list was born.
It's teeny and tiny like a baby but I know it will grow.

Here's my list so far:

-See the Moai Statues on Easter Island
-See the northern lights in Norway & (or) Sweden
-Go ice Skating in NYC at Christmas
-Stay in a Hotel over looking the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
-Go on the Sound of Music Tour in Germany and Austria & frolic
on a hilltop singing the hills are alive with the sound of music!!!
-See Neuschwanstein Castle in the fall
-Go on a Castle road trip through Scotland & Ireland
-Visit Patagonia in Chile and see the Marble Caverns
-Live in NZ or AUS for one year
-See a Grizzly bear (from afar) at Yosemite
-Go to a European Christmas Market at Christmas time

We'll leave it at that for now ;)
And of course Tom will be a big part of this!!
I'm sure we'll be merging our lists together soon ;)

Do you have a bucket list?
Are any of my places on your list?
Do you have any must see attractions to add to my list??

Let me know in the comments!!


  1. Oh my bucket list is about ten feet tall, including an entire second bucket list just for New Zealand and a third for The UK/London. I've always wanted to visit the Amazon rainforest, too, but then someone told me when it rains a lot tarantulas will drop from the trees into your I'm rethinking that one...

    1. Hahaha oh my gosh, tarantulas would have me rethinking that as well!! I love the idea of living in Australia for a year but their spiders and dangerous animals in general make me wary haha

    2. yea- 3 of the 7 most venomous creatures in the world, plus great whites...and also, very expensive :-/ still, would be amazing, right?...