Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Let's catch up

//Let's catch up//

First of all...
I'm going to have to learn how to style
a massive blanket scarf because I just bought this one..
Will it overpower me?? Probs..I'm ok with that because it's so preeetty.

I've also got my eye on this one from American Eagle.

I have a scarf problem...


We're a little more than a month away
from Tom getting to Texas!!!!

I can't even begin to explain how so freaking excited I am!
Or should I say 'WE' because he's excited too!!

We will mostly be staying in Texas while he's here
but we are planning a few quick trips to some fun places.

The Grand Canyon is high on his list of places to see soooo
that's somewhere that we are definitely going.

I'd love to go see Yellowstone or maybe somewhere on
the east coast but we'll just have to see if money
is available for all of that ;)

We talked about looking into credit cards today,
especially credit cards for travel perks.

Well credit card talk got us thinking about our credit scores.
So if you ever wondered what we do on skype dates...

we look up our credit scores ;)

Ah Romance ;)

A few weeks ago I got a pretty massive haircut.
I think i got about 8 inches cut off and I got some blonde highlights.

I love love lovvvee my hair now.
It just feels effortless and fun and cute
and I just don't really have to do anything to it.

I've got another hair appointment next week
and I'm thinking about trimming it up again
maybe even a teensy bit shorter than the first cut...
Also thinking more blonde...
So many choices to be made.


We took a trip to Ikea last weekend
and my little heart was just so happy.

I walked in with the intention of buying a gift for someone else
and walked out with the gift as well as stuff for myself.

It's like target on steroids in there.
I can't leave without picking something up.

I've been eyeing this grey striped duvet cover for a long time
so when I found myself in the bedding area I just
kind of waltzed over and snatched it up
and I'm so so happy I did!!!!

It's just really cozy and pretty in a minimalistic way :)

I also found the cutest city prints that now
have a home over my desk.

Ah Ikea, you're a Swedish dreamboat!!!

I hope you are all having a great week!!!!!


  1. Your hair looks super cute! And I gotta say.. I am way late to the blanket trend but I love it! As a chronically cold person nothing sounds better than wearing a massive scarf-blanket hybrid around.

    One surprise Peter and I found when he moved over permanently: his amazing credit score didn't come along! (Sob!) so he had to start from scratch, with no credit. Not sure how that factors into your plans- it might not- but it's something we wish we had known beforehand so I thought it might help you guys out! :)

    1. Ah thanks you're so sweet!!! I just now found out about the blanket scarf thing, I'm with you I think it's genius!! I'll be snuggly and warm all the time haha!!

      Snap I didn't know that could happen!! We both have fairly average scores but it would still be sad to lose one!! We will definitely look into that though, thanks for the heads up!! :)