Friday, January 2, 2015

Let's chat about two thousand fifteeeeen

Hello 2015!!

We're 3 days in and this year seems
pretty normal so far.

I've got major sniffles though which is no bueno
but I'm hearing that loads of people have the same sniffs
so i'm thinking something is going around and
hopefully it's gone soon because it's lame!

Tom is going to be here in 20 days!!

We're so pumped!

I can't believe he will be here till JULY!!
It's going to be so weird to unpack his stuff and
leave it unpacked and not have to worry
about him leaving to go back to England.

Texas and Tom will be one for 6 months.

Ah it's so exciting!!

We've already got lots planned.
For expample we're hitting up the
good old Grand Canyon while he's here.

There's a star gazing party in June which
is kind of when we're looking at going because......I mean.....


We were also gifted Six Flags Over Texas / Hurricane Harbor 
season passes for christmas so we'll be at those places..a lot!!!

Free fun is even funner than payed for fun, ya know what I'm sayin?
Unlimited coasters and water parkage is going to be awesome!!
PLUS we got the parking passes TOO!!!!
We're basically just paying for gas to get there..
and the occasional funnel cake...
(Probably more than just occasional)

Annnd No I won't be riding this death trap...


We are also planning lots of fun Texas road trips.
I need to take Tom to Austin, San Antonio, the Hill Country
and down to the gulf to see Galveston and Corpus!!!

There's so much to see in Texas and I can't wait to show Tom.

It's going to be so great to have Tom here for so long.
You might not be thinking as far as July and August but we
are already planning what our next step will be.

First half of the year in Texas.
Second half of the year in England.
Next year...big plans, big big plans ;)

I hope you are all enjoying the first week of 2015!!


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