Friday, January 16, 2015

Tom is coming in 6 DAYS!!!!!!!!!

Oh snap!

It's been close to decade since my last post.

So let's catch up a bit.

Literally nothing has happened.

Just kidding, actually i'm not kidding, at all.

It's been a real snooze fest around these parts,
hence the no blogging. ;)

The excitement is on it's way though,
in the form of my 6foot4inch British boyfriend!!

Tom will be here in 6 days!!!!
Yes, this time next week he will be here.

&&& He's staying until JU-FREAKING-LY!!!
I'm so so so so so excited for him to get here!

He's a little hesitant about the flight though.
Our flight home from the dominican
free fell while taking off and we've both
been a bit anxious about flying ever since.

Do you have any trusty ways to stay calm
and relaxed on a flight?

Please share your ideas in the comment section
so I can pass them along to Tom ;)

It's been four months since we've last seen each other.

I've been asked a couple of times if
I get nervous every time I see him after
a long time apart.

Truth is, I don't get nervous.
If anything I've just got a butterfly problem.
They are going crazy because I'm just
so ready to have him back!!

You know what's weird?
We've been together two years +
but we've only met up 4 times.

I'm not counting all of the days we're spending together.
I'm just counting the actual times we've met up.

I can remember them all very well!!

The first time was when we were meeting
face to face for the very first time!!
I almost fainted.

I was so nervous!
But things obviously worked out and
it turned out to be an amazing three weeks!

The second time was way easier.
I met him at Manchester Airport.
I've never been to MAN before
so when I got out and got my bag
I looked all over for him and didn't see him.
Thought he forgot about me ;)
I just needed to go through some doors and
there he was waiting for me!!

We had an amazing time during our short week together.

The third time was back in Manchester again.
This time I was going to be staying for five months.

I felt really nervous this time,
not because of Tom but because of Customs.
Asking a country to let you stay with them
for five months without a visa is a little crazy.
But it worked ;)

5 months later I looked back at an amazing trip!

This last time Tom came to Texas.
 I picked him up at the Houston airport.
Usually he fly's into Dallas but the ticket
was cheaper going to Houston!

This pickup was terrible.
Tom's flight got sent to Canada
because of a sick passenger.
So his flight landed 4 hours after
it was meant to land and I was 
a mess because I thought it had already
landed and he was being detained or something.

He wasn't, he got here safe and sound
and we had a blast spending a month and a half together.

Let's hope this time is a bit easier
with the flights ;)

Oh and please share your ideas about
how to stay relaxed on a long plane journey!!

6 days people, 6 days!!!!!


  1. Do crosswords or puzzles that will keep your mind constantly busy. I think I did about 437 on my flight to Hawaii recently...! Or, just go to your doctor and have them give you something for flight anxiety... works wonders!

    1. I told him your idea and I think he's going to go buy a puzzle book haha!! Thanks for your idea!! :)

  2. one word: audiobooks. Serial, Game of Thrones- you name it. Doesn't beat an amazing travel companion, but a decent substitute :)

    1. Oh my goodness that's genius!! I just told him about this haha that's so smart!