Thursday, August 27, 2015

An update on life/love

Hey blog land.
I owe you guys a pretty lengthy update don't I?

I'm not sure this will be lengthy but it will work for now.

Ok so Tom went home about a month ago.
The 6 months was up and so was his visa.

So he hopped on two planes and made his way back to England.

The 6 months went by so fast.
It's all a blur, a magical blur that was so wonderful.
It was nice having him here for so long and
now we can both say we know more about
each other's homes since we've both been able
to live on opposite sides of the world for 
an extended period of time.

Out of the almost 3 years that we've been together
we have spent a little over 1 full year together.
Which in the long distance world is pretty incredible.
Thanks to both of our parents for being so hospitable.

So here's a little bit of what's been happening since he left.

Tom has been looking for work, he's gone to multiple interviews
and he's currently in possession of one job. woohoo!

He is looking for full time work though so he's
still pounding the pavement, he had two interviews today
so he's doing really well!!

I'm still nannying/babysitting...whatever you want to call it.
I'm part time so I was looking for some work too.
I'm currently waiting to hear back from a Soccer Coaching
position for little kids that I can add to my load to give me full time status.

So this is new territory, we're both in our own countries 
and we're both working.

Usually one of us is here or there and only one of
us has a job while the other one doesn't.

So now we both have jobs because you need money
for the next steps that we are wanting to take.

The flying back in forth to be together phase of
our relationship has to come to an end at some point
because we really need to put down some roots if we're
ever going to both settle into jobs and life.

So as of right now there are no flights booked
and no plans in place.

We have plans, we just have to do a few things
before those plans can come to light.

So we're kind of in a logistical phase right now.
Figuring out the next steps one step at a time.

It's going to be the hardest part of our relationship because
it's possible that months and months may go by before
we're able to get together again and it's pretty heartbreaking.

But our optimism is strong and we're still making time
to skype and we text nonstop so we'll be ok, it will just be hard.

I'll try and keep this space more updated as we
figure things out and move towards bigger and better things!

Hope you all have a great day :)


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