Monday, August 31, 2015

The visa struggle via gifs (UK version)

Hello everyone, I'm back, that's right, twice within the span of a week.
Impressive, I know!!!

Today I wanted to share a struggle that all international couples
have faced, will face or are currently facing...The visa struggle.

There is forum upon forum of couples explaining their visa process.
Some of them are wonderful stories full of hope while others
are pits of deep, dark despair that make you cry yourself to sleep.


Because with visa's it will either end well or end terribly, terribly bad.
Meaning you either get the visa or you don't and if you don't it's basically
the other country telling you that they're breaking up with you but you're
not even together's hurtful, i'm sure.

I can only speculate since it hasn't happened to Tom or myself...yet...and hopefully it never will.

We will be looking at visa's in the near future and so I just wanted to
share how terrifying the visa process is with all of you people's who will
never have to worry about getting one.

It will give you an inside look at what we have to do to be together.

This will be the UK Visa version, I'll do a US one next time.

And I'll use GIF's because they make everything better...

So you've found love, he/she is British, you're not and it's so amazing and you want to be together
forever and ever but you can't...not yet...because you need a VISA!!


Yes, a Visa, but don't worry it's not bad, it's just basically the UK government
judging you and deciding if you're fit to live in their society...
No biggie..

 But it's totally worth it because you get to be together!!! Hooray!!

 Yes, get happy and get your wallet ready because it's about
$1500 to apply for the visa, plus another $200 if you want the process rushed..
but don't rush too much because your UK partner has to be making some serious money
6 months before you can even apply for the visa.
Then it takes another 3 or so months to get the visa...
Unless you rush it, if rushed it can take less time..
but they make no promises, you could pay extra
for the rush and it take just as much time as the regular way.


So before you can apply for a visa in the UK
you're partner has to be making £18,600 a year ($30,000)...we know jobs are
scarce but you can do it...right??? Right, that's the spirit!!!
*(Average jobs in the UK make around £14-£17,000 annually)


Also, don't forget that you have to reapply for that visa every 30 months
until you've lived there for 5 years AND THEN you can apply for another
visa to remain long term in that country...and then 10 years apply again.
 And you pay every time...but it will be ok because your
spouse is making £18,600 or more. 
But keep in mind you could be sent back
to your home country if during the first five years abroad your spouse is making less than £18,600 6 months prior to you re-applying for the visa...
even if you're married...or have have to go go go...
Oh and if you have kids in the first 5 years abroad
then the amount you have to earn yearly gets increased per child...
So no kids for the next 5 years...noted!!


No, no, don't get to be together, remember...where's that happy face??


 But in order to be happy you have to leave your home, your family and friends...


 Which leaves you feeling a little bit crazy...
Happy to be together, sad to be leaving...


But listen, it's hard to leave but it doesn't mean you'll be gone forever.
The perk to being with someone from another country is you now
get to call two amazing places home. Plus all of the people that know you
now get a free place to stay if they come to the UK.


So it's going to be hard and it's going to take time and patience
but at the end of it all you're taking a leap that many, many people
never get the chance to take and it's weird and new and scary but
it's also incredible and a huge blessing to be able to get a piece of
paper that let's you roam the earth with the one you love.
The money will be scarce and the wait will be hard but
man oh man how exciting it will be when you nestle
into that new adventure with your person.


 USA Visa Struggle via GIFS will come atcha next time!!
And since this was fun maybe i'll do a post on the different types
of visa's and why they're all so terribly confusing!! 

Have a great day everyone!

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