Sunday, September 6, 2015

Fail to plan, plan to fail....or just failed plans

Plot twist, plot twist, plot twist!!!
And let me be clear, nothing has gone wrong, plans just change!

Plans, plans are funny little things that
can and probably will change in an instant.

It keeps things exciting which is great
but it also shakes things up which is a little scary.

But nevertheless here we are, in the midst of changing plans.

You know I could come on this space
and dilly dally around the subject of my plans with Tom.
I could, I can, I have and I am...
dilly dallying...

I don't really like coming out with plans
until I am FOR SURE that they are happening.

I've come out with plans a tad too early on some occasions
and well...things changed and it was a letdown...
I'm looking at you American road trip 2014!!

This time our changing plans aren't a letdown at all.
In fact they are a let up if that's a thing.

I wish I could spill the beans but i'm going to need
you guys to hang in there for a little while longer
before I start spewing our secrets ;)

These plans aren't any safer than any of our other plans.
In fact one failed google search could end it all.
Well not it ALL but it could shake things up.

Like if we google a question about a visa and google
comes back with an answer we're not fond of...
That is when plans change, that is the root of all of our changes.
Google and all of it's wealth of knowledge can be real upsetting.

Then again Google can be real fun...
Thanks for all of your fun little games googs!!

I will say that I am feeling very excited about these new plans.
I think it puts Tom and I on a really good path and I'm
excited to see what happens when we really go for it!

See, here I am dilly dallying up a storm.

I hope to share more soon!
As soon as I'm 99.9% sure of our plans I'll be here chatting up a storm!!

:) :)


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    1. Ha! Thanks girly!! If the new plan works out I'll have some very exciting news for you ;)