Monday, September 28, 2015

An update and an explanation!

To the people who read my last post
and thought that you had missed this
big engagement announcement let me
ease your worries and tell you that
there hasn't been an official engagement announcement.

Or maybe that's what my last post was.
An engagement announcement ;)

Here's the thing, we're not sticking to cultural norms
or the status quo.

You're probably not going to see me flashing
an engagement ring all over town...yet.

You won't see engagement pictures of
us in a field with oh so perfect lighting behind us.

You won't see any of that because we're not
in the same place on this planet.

Now if we were a normal couple
that didn't have 4,000 miles in between us
then yes, you'd probably be seeing all of
those things right about now.

But we're not, so you're not!

I don't want anyone to feel like we forgot
to mention this to them before I blurted it out on my blog.

Truth is, everyone should know that
we're headed for marriage.

You just don't spend this amount of time
and money on someone you're not serious about!

And we've been serious for a long long time.
And it's time for us to move forward so we
can start living normal lives again!

And for my family and friends that read my blog
I just want to say that blogging is one of the best ways 
to get information out there to all of you!

Don't feel upset that I didn't personally come to you
and explain the happenings of my life because
we'd be there for a while and you'd regret the conversation instantly
once I start crying because this is all very stressful!

I've shed one too many tears over this already!

This isn't an easy process so please bear with me
and please pray for me because the stress and people pleasing
is really getting to me!!

I googled chronic people pleasing the other day.
Ticked all them boxes!
I'm trying to work on it!


Here's a little update for you all!

Tom and I are applying for the K-1 Fiance visa
so that Tom can come live in the USA for a few
years with me, married to me while I work and 
he works and get's his masters degree!

There are other facets to the plan like where
we'll we'll survive on one income until
Tom gets his green card...but that's all information
that will come in the future!

So that's THE plan!

So while we are planning to get married
and do all sorts of things with our lives
it's hard to explain all of this visa information
to people who have never had to do it before.

You have to understand that I can't even get excited
about a wedding yet. I can't send invites, I can't plan anything
because before all of that happens Tom and I will
be thoroughly examined by both our governments.
The United States & The UK Governments 
get to decide if and when we get this visa!

And while I do think all will go smoothly
you just never know.

So yes, I'm going to blog about weddings
and plans and dresses and flowers and all sorts of things.
But don't think I've left you out, don't think I've forgotten to tell you.

Please remember that when this visa goes through I 
will shout all of this information at you, in your face,
because I won't be able to contain my excitement!

That is all...for now!!


  1. So excited for you! I remember this process too well (I was here on a student visa first, but we had to apply for the fiance visa for me to stay here once I met Chris & we fell in love. So stressful but so worth it in the end! Will be praying for y'all. :)

  2. That is so exciting and awesome! Sending well wishes and prayers that everything goes well with the visa and works out just fine.