Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My new job

So tonight I drove home from my new job.
It was day 6 of training.

According to the world wide web
most jobs give about 8 hours or less of
training before releasing you to the actual job.

Well at The Container Store that is not the case.
In fact I've just finished up my 54th hour of training...
and I still have about 110 hours to go throughout my first year.
Oh yea, I got a job at The Container Store's corporate offices!
I was so so happy when hired, they are such a fabulous company to work for!

I know I said I'd like to nanny more and teach
but when opportunity calls you answer.
I answered!

Anyways back to training...
So after completing 50+ hours of training
my brain is mush, like the mushiest mush ever!
I'm exhausted because we've been working
9 or 10 hours most days and getting up and doing
it all over again the next day.

We've had SO MUCH information to digest
in the last week that it's just kind of overwhelming.
Not kind of, it just is!

While driving home tonight I called Tom to talk about my day.
We've not been able to skype since I've been working non stop.
We're having serious withdrawals.

So I called him and I broke down a bit, totally cried.
Mushy brain + so much info + my first time on the phones
and I got a nasty call straight away... = Tears!!!

Luckily we have great customers so most people
are so nice which is great but I did have one nasty caller
and I'm just not used to people talking to me like that.
I'm really nice and super emotional when people
aren't nice back...I need to get a backbone and
this job is going to help me get that.

The last day of training is tomorrow and
then I'll work for three weeks before I have another
week of training where I learn closet design.
Which is really exciting but it's just more info
So I need to find a way to open up my brain
for even more information!

Let me also say that I love how much training I'm getting!
I love working for a company that wants it's employees to be prepared.
I also just love working for this company in general.
I never wanted to work in a corporate setting because
I've just not been interested in that kind of atmosphere.
But The Container Store just has such a wonderful atmosphere
and so now I understand why people love working for them.

Have I mentioned I'm exhausted ;)

This is what happens when you start a big girl job after 
having around 2 years of a super relaxed nanny job.
I'm not used to the workload or the hours or any of it.
I'll get there though, I'm already starting to feel
more comfortable and confident with the job
so hopefully I'll keep feeling that way!

But for now I just need Thanksgiving to be here so I can 
unwind and eat my emotions!!

I'm pretty sure I've lost about 10 pounds over the last week
because I've forgotten to eat...so it's nice to know
I'll be gaining that all back plus some on Thursday!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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