Thursday, January 24, 2013

I had no idea..

There's this boy...
his name is Tom
and he makes me smile
he makes me laugh
he give me butterflies
he says sweet things to me
he's coming to see me
he's british
 and he calls me LOVE..swoon ;)

y'all he's freaking perfect!!!!!
I can't even handle it...

phew now that THATS out of my system...
Ever since i can remember i've always had a thing for british boys...
I actually remember one time while traveling in London,
my mentor, and friend Mrs. Lauren Knight told me she could totally see
me getting with someone from England!!!
I wanted to believe her so badly but i just assumed
i'd be like every other girl in America and find a nice
southern gentleman to call my man!!
That's not happening, and well....i couldn't be happier.

I had no idea this was a direction i'd be going in!!
I had no idea that i'd be skyping with a british boy
about plane tickets and pricing and dates that
he'll be spending here in America with me...
I had no idea any of this was about to happen.

It's crazy, some might say {insane} to get involved with someone who's so far away.
But i've gotten to know Tom SO WELL over the last couple of months and well
i can't really remember a time before him.

We had a Skype date yesterday and it was amazing..
we're trying to figure out when exactly he needs to book his flight.
It's definitely going to be in late June an he'll stay through early July.
We actually found out he has Family in California,
so we're also seeing what we can do there.
It's all very exciting :)

Skype was giving me clarity issues and i could never sneak a
 picture when he was cracking a big smile...
still, just look at that scruffalicious face... :)

and i'm just a dork ;)

until next time...


  1. What?! Of course. How awesome!
    I DID NOT find a Greek man to Skype with, much to my own disappointment.

    1. Looks like you just need to go back, so you can find one haha :-)