Friday, January 25, 2013

My Box from Tom!!

I've been checking my mail every day this hopes that i'd open my mail box and find a little yellow slip of paper that tells me i have a package waiting for me...
monday came and went...tuesday and wednesday...still no yellow slip
Hello Thursday and Hello YELLOW SLIP!!!!!!!
Tom sent me a BOX :-)
I also sent Tom a box
He got my box a week ago
and i finally got his yesterday :-)

The contents of this box are as follows
One wonderfully written Letter, so sweet!!!!
multiple pamphlets from Liverpool, I appreciate the shopping mall guide the most...
now when i go to visit i'll know the shopping mall inside out and upside down...
Then there's the actual BOX :) Which is amazing, it's from CUBA haha
inside the box is a ticket from his first basketball game...very American of him ;)
a Liverpool Magnet, with the Liverpool Bird and British flag on it.
Last but not least a little Eiffel Tower key chain he bought in Paris from the sketchy people under the Eiffel Tower...He knows how to woo me ;) 

This might sound cheeeeeesy but i feel like the luckiest girl in the world right now!!! :)



  1. That's seriously so cute. Did you blog already about what you put in your box? (I'm a new follower, so I might have missed it). Orrrr did you not write about it so Tom would be surprised?

    Back to the cuteness. It's so cute!!!! I love the different mementos he sent you. Also, I have a dying Eiffel Tower key chain that I bought at one of the shops in the Latin Quarter when I studied abroad many many years ago. I say "dying" because it was originally pink and much of the pink has worn off now!

    1. Ahh thanks :-D I actually haven't talked about my box..i will monday though, so keep a look out for it :)

      it really is cute haha he's very sweet with everything he sends me :) Aww yea that's probably just like the one i have, except mines not pink :) I loved the Latin Quarter, probably one of my favorite places in Paris!!!

  2. What a sweet guy to send you such a great box! Sounds like a keeper :-)

    1. Yes i think he definitely is a keeper ;) thanks for dropiing by Kristen :)