Monday, January 28, 2013

My {BOX} to Tom

So last friday i showed you what Tom sent me in the mail.
Today I wanted to show you what i sent him! :)
Tom likes coffee which is why i sent him a coffee mug...but not just any coffee mug..
I bought a white mug from Target...
I already had the sharpies...
I found a quote that i felt was acceptable....
and i went to work..

Now Texas is EASY to draw compared to England,
I probably drew England 1,000 times on scratch Paper
before i got it to look like i wanted it to look...
It just kept looking like a pregnant seahorse and i wasn't about to
permanently trace a pregnant seahorse on the mug...
So i finally got it just right and i taped my paper with the
drawing onto the mug and traced over it with my sharpie
until i felt it was adequately transferred.
Once i removed the paper it was pretty faint so i re-traced it and Voila!!!

I also sent him that little "Howdy from Texas" fridge magnet, and funny enough he sent me a Liverpool fridge magnet without even knowing i was sending him one...
AND we both included letters in the boxes as well :)
{Great minds think alike}

 I free-handed the quote which was quite difficult and terrifying because
i really didnt want to mess it up now that i finally got
England looking like England ;)
but i'm happy to say it turned out pretty perfect!!!

Here's the final product in England on Tom's desk!!
For fear the ink would wash off he's decided to use it as his pencil/pen holder :)

ALSO I keep all of Tom's Letters and trinkets in a box...
I actually had to sort through it today becuase there's so much in there ;)
It's all very exciting!!!!

Soooo what do you think about what i sent him???
I'd love to hear your opinions!!!

{If you're new here and have no idea who Tom is you can find posts about him}



  1. GIRLFRIEND, I am in the same (painful) boat. My boyfriend is Peter and he is in England too. What misery. But it's also wonderful. Long distance is one learning experience.

    Thanks for finding me, can't wait to hear how you are going to get back to EUROPE. xoxoxo

    1. OH i know haha I saw that you had a BBF and i was so excited to know someone in the same boat!! I think we definitely snatched up two of the cutest british boys out there. It sure is a learning experience, i've learned so much already!

      No problem, thanks for stopping by, i'm excited to share this with someone who knows what it's like!! :)

  2. Hey ladies!

    I just discovered your blog, Emily, and let me just say it made me SO HAPPY! 1. I just got back from a five-month internship in London, and I'm going through serious withdrawals. 2. I'm from Dallas. 3. I met a guy in England . . . well, last summer technically. And we're definitely not dating, but that was a struggle. 4. To make things worse, he's in the British Army. 5. He's supposed to come visit... at some point?? So! SO happy for you that he gets to come visit the lone star state!! Will definitely be keeping tabs,
    Carrie x (those Brit's and their "x's", right??)

    1. Oh man, 5 months in London, that's dreamy!! I would LOVE to be over there right now...i mean of course i would, Tom's over there ;) I understand the withdrawals, i'm still feeling them from leaving Paris last spring!! Aww A british Army guy who's supposed to come visit!! :) Well i really hope he does, sounds like we have a lot in common girl, i'm so happy you wrote me! :) YES Definitely keep tabs :) I'll keep you and everyone updated on Tom in Texas ;)
      Emily x {love the x's} haha

    2. Please do!! So glad I double checked this page-- I had a feeling I wouldn't be notified if you responded. You're so close!! I bet you're pumped. Be sure to take him two-stepping ;) Best to you both! x