Tuesday, July 23, 2013

All hail the future King!!!

Yesterday while working at the cupcake shack
I eagerly kept re-loading Yahoo to see if the 
bouncing royal baby had been born yet.

Keep in mind that i also woke up at 4am 
to watch the royal wedding on tv...
I may have a small obsession with the royals ;)

Tom was actually the one who informed me that the baby had been born...
It was an exciting moment for me....
And Apparently my "I'm from America" was showing ;)

We joke that Tom is related to the royals...you know...waaayy down the line.

After we both had a little squeal fest over the birth...
Ok i had a squeal fest...Tom just humored me ;)
So after my squeal fest we both realized that this little nugget
could one day be my king as well...siiggghhh
I mean...you know....if/when marriage happens...
Is it too soon to talk about that???
Yes?? No??
I don't really think so...
And then Tom said Obama would be his president...
and he got all excited about that...
But that isn't near as exciting as a king...
Let's be real Tom!!!

I'm thinking the name of the Royal Baby should be Henry.
I really like that name...

Here's my picks:

Very Kingly names ;)

I'm excited to see what they've named him.
What do you think the little nuggets name will be???

Hope you're having a great tuesday!!


  1. This post just make me so happy on so many levels! Could you imagine actually being in London today? My cousin from England is staying with us right now, and it is all we talked about yesterday! Long live the King!

  2. Aaah! I'm British. I was so delighted, we have a royal Prince. We are crazy mad about the royals over here! I cried when I saw Prince William, Kate Duchess of Cambridge and the Prince of Cambridge yesterday. Such a special, historical day. I love it. I'm a little royal crazy though, check out my blog!