Monday, July 22, 2013

The {FIRST} moment we saw each other...

I have some AMAZING news...
Tom is currently a little bit closer to Texas than he usually is..
That's because he's in Wales for the week with his family.
Liverpool is approximately 4,611 miles from Ft. Worth 
While Wales is only 4,596 miles away...
We're making some serious progress here ;)

I don't know much about Wales but i do know a lot about Whales.
haha.....ok that was lame...i know...I'm embarrassed.

Tom is indeed in Wales with his family on a little week long holiday.
He's sent me pictures along the way and i have to say that wales looks gorgeous.

I'd personally love to go one day...heck i'd love to be there now...
But it wouldn't exactly be to see Wales....but to see Tom ;)

We've done pretty well keeping in touch with each other while he's on holiday.
We're having little Skype dates via his iPhone, so it's been perfect.

Speaking of Holidays, we're officially booked for the caribbean next August.
Which is crazy exciting...I mean i haven't even officially met his family yet
and i'm already being invited to tag along on holidays...
I think thats a sign that everything is going well ;)


In other news i have something pretty embarrassing to share with all of you.
Since Tom is on holiday right now there won't be as many posts about what we're up to.
So i'm going to rehash some of the things that happened while he was here
that i didn't get a chance to share with you...

Starting with the first moment i saw him coming through the airport spinning door thingy...
I got a little camera happy and was doing a 6 second vine video
and started shooting too soon and mostly got the man in front of tom on film.

But you do in fact see his first few steps towards a weak..wall leaning...trembling Emily...
AND the worst hear what comes out of my 
mouth as Tom comes through the door...             


So after you watch it once...or a million times...
and after you stop laughing at me...
Let me know what you think i said at the end of the clip in the comments.
I've heard a few different opinions on what I said...
I mean i know what i said...but i want to see if y'all can hear it too ;)

Have a good monday everyone


  1. He's tall. - Is that what you said?

  2. sounds like either "stop" or "it's tom." Either way I am super impressed that you had the composure to film at such a momentous time in your life!

    1. Haha I did in fact say, "it's Tom" ;) I'm really surprised i was able to do it to, I mean I was on the verge of fainting so it's actually pretty impressive haha :)

  3. Wales is a beautiful country (I am from Wales so slightly biased!) You should definitely visit here one day - specifically west wales (beaches & pretty towns everywhere!)

    1. I'll definitely be going there one of these days. Tom keeps sending me gorgeous pictures :)

  4. Wow a trip to the Caribbean will be so lush! What a fun way to spend the summer. I bet you cannot wait!

    1. It's true, I literally cannot wait haha I'm just hoping these next 6 months go by fast ;)

  5. I was going to guess "stop," but now I see that you said "it's Tom." A trip to the Caribbean meeting Tom's parents for the first time will be so awesome! I hear it's gorgeous. I've always wanted to go.

    1. haha's a gaspy terrified voice ;) Well i'll meet his parents before the Caribbean. I'll hopeful meet them early next year :) The Caribbean is just a fun Holiday later in the year. I'm so pumped about it though, it's going to be amazing!!!