Friday, July 19, 2013

The perks of dating Tom

I'm well aware that i talk about tom quite a bit...
ok a lot...ok that's all the blogs about ;)
But can you blame me?? I mean he's kind of amazing...
ok really amazing...

Let me just count the reasons...and give Tom a bigger head than he already has ;)
1. He bought a plane ticket and flew thousands of miles to see me.
I mean THAT is dedication...
and apparently he really really liked me
since he spent all of that money on seeing a girl he's never met.

2. He's really really really funny.
Tom has a seriously hilarious sense of humor.
Which is a big big deal to me.
I love me some funny men.
I love me my funny man ;)

{Notice the little person he's holding}

3. He has the same travel bug that i have.
Not only did he fly thousands of miles to see me, he also planned
an additional trip with me inside the USA.
Like when we went to California.

AND now that it's my turn to go see him next
we're already planning our next adventure.
We were looking at Germany the other day...
More specifically Neuschwanstein Castle.

It's such an amazing feeling when you find
someone who is just as eager to see the world.

4. His family is Amazing and they know how to holiday/vacation!!
Tom has the best family which makes this all even easier.
And they know how to plan serious holidays.
In fact they've booked a holiday for next year in the caribbean.
And i...have been invited to tag along.
Oh the perks of dating Tom ;)
girly sigh!!!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!


  1. I love that you guys are planning to go to Neuschwanstein Castle next. I went there as a teen last and cannot wait to go there with my love. Actually the next trip I hope that we take to mainland Europe is somewhere involving Germany, Austria, Switzerland as that area holds a lot of fond memories for me and my three guys have yet to be there yet. Any other places you guys want to go on your next trip together?

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  2. I also recommend Switzerland. I taught a theatre workshop in Zurich for a few weeks and loved it! It's supposed to be spectacular in the summer! xx