Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Paris or England...or both!!

Where will Emily be next spring?
That is indeed the question.

I wish i had this problem more often,
will i be in Paris or England next spring??
What a glorious question that is.
And i'd like to have it more often please.

I spent my Spring semester of Junior year studying abroad in Paris.
Which i'm sure most of you know if you've read through the blog.
It was such an incredible experience that i'd love to do again.
Well turns out i'm getting that chance.

Some of you know her as Aspiring Kennedy.
I just know her as Lauren/Director/Leader/Future boss lady.
Lauren is the Director of my Universities study abroad programs.
She was there the whole time i was studying in Paris...
in fact she was my French Culture/French Language teacher.
Awesome i know, i feel like i know a famous person ;)

Long story short...Lauren asked me to be her Grad Assistant next Spring in Paris.
But in order to get my school to pay for me to go i have to recruit a certain number of students.
So this isn't exactly set in stone, i hope it happens.
I mean this is a chance to work along side Lauren and hang with Princess Viola
I'd be a certified crazy person if i said i didn't want this.
I want this...i want this real bad!!!

But since it's not set in stone...I have the opportunity to make other plans.
Just in case it doesn't happen.

Those other plans include this handsome guy.

Basically if i find out that Paris is not happening...which means i didnt recruit enough people...
Then i'll be buying a little ticket to Manchester UK,
and Tom will be picking me up for an extended period of time in Liverpool ;)
A lot longer than three measly weeks.

BUT...if Paris does work...
Don't fret, i'll just be strolling the streets of La Ville-Lumière with my lover boy.
He'll take little trips to Paris and i'll take a few trips to see him in Liverpool.

AND if Paris doesn't work...Then we'll still be taking a trip to Paris.
Because thats just how much i love Paris.

So really...either way, it's going to be a really really great Spring.
I'm pretty pumped about it, i just need to get it all figured out so i know which direction i'm going.
But it's nice to know that both directions include Tom Tom ;)

More about all of this to come over the next few months.
I should know what my fate is by November.
Wish me luck ;)


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  1. I vote Paris! England would be really hard to get a work visa for (trust me I know) and if you can make money in Paris AND have romantic trips - it'd be totally feasible to see each other most weekend- I vote that option! xx

    1. Haha well if I go to England I know I won't be working ;) I'm really not "working" in either place. I'll just be assisting Lauren in Paris :) but you're right, Paris would be awesome and we could see each other a lot :)

  2. Both sound like fabulous options :)

  3. Both are fantastic options! And if you could recruit me to go I'd be there in a heartbeat! Too bad Im teaching in the spring. Darn it! My students dont need me right? Oh I'll bring all of them!!!! Me + 150 students will be enough to get you there right?!
    Happy to help! ;) - Elizabeth

    1. Hahaha are the by chance college age students because that would be perfect ;) Both will deffinitely be happening, but I'll be spending more time at one over the other :) so we shall see!! :)

  4. I hope you do get to come, and you'll have to come visit Bath and I'll show you around. Or maybe I can come visit you. Lauren and I went to camp and Uni together and would be good to catch up. x

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose