Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I promise I like kisses...i know it's hard to believe when you see these pictures...
but i really do like them, especially when they're from Tom ;)
My face just squishes up sometimes...I can't help it!!
But i love them, and i love him and i miss him!!

It's weird to think that this time last week he was still here.
We were actually at the drive in movies at this very moment...
I'm writing this at 12:50am ;)
I should really be going to sleep.

I have work at the cupcake shack from 9-3 tomorrow....or today actually.
I kind of lost track of time because i was watching Americas Got Talent.
That has literally been my entire night....and i'm not even ashamed.
I know...I'm really exciting...you don't have to mention it ;)

I really should be working on my summer school instead of watching hulu for 4 hours.
But when you wait to order the textbook a week after your class has started
you're kind of forced into procrastination.

Also i realized i have a lot of new readers who aren't aware of some exciting stuff thats coming up...
Like my opportunity in Paris next spring.
So i'm going to post a little more about that in the next few days.

Also i want to share with you all of the fun things i bought this weekend
while i was emotionally shopping after Tom left.
I'm kind of an amazing emotional shopper ;)

And i want to get more in depth with our Tomily plans for next year.
I just really enjoy talking about it because it makes it seem closer than it is ;)

Hopefully just because Tom is gone for now you'll still enjoy stopping by
and reading a little bit about life these days.

I plan on keeping Tom posts coming...they'll just be in the form of 
webcam conversations instead of real pictures ;)
Back to where it all started...

Hope you all have a fantastic tuesday.


  1. Cannot wait to hear more about you coming to Paris. We will have to meet up. ;)

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

    1. Yes we will, I'll be back in Paris one way or another. Either working it with Tom ;) I'll share more tomorrow :)