Monday, July 15, 2013

Back to the basics

 "I can't wait to have you back in my life, because you are my life" - Tom
Somebody pinch me ;)

Tom left last thursday and was home by friday morning.
We were skyping again by friday afternoon.
Not much can stop us ;)

The first Skype was pretty weepy. 
I cried and i think he teared up...
To go from real life...real hugs...real kisses
back to being separated by 4,000 miles is rough.

The heartache wouldn't be as bad if i knew i'd be seeing him again
in a matter of weeks...but it's going to be about 6 months.
That in itself is heartbreaking.

If you're wondering why it's taking us 6 months to get back together
it's because of a little thing called College Graduation and Money.

I graduate with my Undergrad in December.
So after that i will be a free little bird and i can fly wherever i want to fly.
Which of course is going to be to England...
Or Paris if that works out.

But for now we're officially back to the basics.
We're skyping and writing letters again.
& texting non stop from the time i wake up 
till the time he goes to sleep.

We've been physically separated for 3 days now and it's really been so hard.
It's hard to work yourself and your emotions up over the course of 7 months for three magical weeks
and then have it all taken away from you for half of a year.

Of course we knew from the beginning that this was the way it would go.
but i'm not sure we realized how much we would care for each other
and how badly we would want to stay together longer.

I was texting Tom last night before he went onto bed,
We were both getting pretty mopey and sad...then we came to a conclusion...
We are incredibly lucky to have each other.
Being sad because we can't be together right now is ok.
It's natural to miss the person who is most important to you.
But we can't let the sadness of missing each other 
take over all of the great things we still have.
We'll be back together soon enough.
Next year is going to be so full of Tomily time 
that it's going to blow your mind.

Knowing we have plans for next year also makes this all a bit easier.
Now we get to start planning little weekend trips to castles and old english villages.
Instead of a california trip we might just go into France for a few days.
I mean this is magical stuff...

So while we're separated we'll be planning for next year.
Along with celebrating the exciting things happening this year.

Like my Birthday on September 4th.
Our one year anniversary in November.
{We liked each other from the beginning soooo...
we just say the first time we talked is what started it all}
<< November 6th, 2012 >>
My College graduation on December 14th.
And shortly after that Tomily will be reunited again.

So really these 6 months will fly by.
Which i'm ok with because i'm tired of school and i really just want my man ;)

But for now we'll Skype.
Well...actually instead of Skype dates we're having business meetings.

Skype has failed us one to many times...blurriness...bad sound...etc.
 So today we looked into other ways to use the webcam to keep in touch.

We looked into oovoo...but it was worse than Skype.
But that didn't stop us from having some fun with it ;)

Then i found this site called WebEx Meetings.
It's actually for people holding webcam business meetings...
You know like for corporations...not two people dating across the pond...
BUT It's free and it's SO SO perfect and clear and wonderful...
So now instead of Skype dates we're having serious business meetings...
like this....

Ok so maybe we're not that serious ;)
And as you can see...we're less weepy, we're just back to enjoying each others company.
And that is exactly what we'll be doing till January rolls around.

Hope you all have a wonderful monday.


  1. Awww, hope these couple of months go quickly for you! But still so happy for you!

    Take care and stay positive.



    1. Thank you so much Victoria, you're so sweet :)

  2. I just have to say, your anniversary is my birthday, which in and of itself is an AWESOME day, but the last friends that had my birthday as their anniversary got married and have been married for 5 happy years and just welcomed a son into the world. Its a good day to be connected with someone ;) it brings good luck! <3
    Elizabeth Kathryn XOXO

    1. Haha that's amazing!!! I told Tom to ready this ;) I mean if it has been lucky for other people then it has to be lucky for us ;)

  3. I hope the time passes quickly for you two. I have loved following along in your happiness and just remember "absence makes the heart grow fonder". You two seem to have such a strong connection and love is a very strong bond that will help you get through the hard times, so stay strong and positive, I know I'm rooting for you guys!

    btw... does Tom have any friends he could pass my way ;)


    1. Aww thanks Lindsay you are so sweet, It's true that absence makes the heart grow fonder haha i'm at my fondest at the moment ;)

      Hmm not sure, i'll look into it though...i seriously want to just bring over a plane full of british guys and pass them out to all of my blog friends....but i'm not sure thats legal ;)

  4. So glad that you've been able to find a better way to communicate! Maybe I'll try it with my man. He's just an hour away, not 4000 miles. I've loved following your journey with Tom. I can't wait to hear more about this potential Paris situation.

    1. Yea you really should try it, it's so much better than Skype :) and you're closer to your man so maybe it will be even better for you ;) more on Paris tomorrow :)

  5. I stumbled upon your blog through another blog and though I don't have a blog of my own, I LOVE reading yours! I feel like we have a lot in common and like you I just LOVE to travel. You blog is so sweet. My best friend from high school met her British boyfriend just before our senior year and spent two years just like you (skyping, planing, etc.) they were married last year and he now lives in the states - just another example that this can work (sending love and encouragement that it is worth it!) Also, for about a year my boyfriend and I were long distance. We started as a long distance relationship and he eventually moved to be with me. Almost four years in I can't get rid of him ;) and I don't want to! Haha. I know what it feels like when you leave him it feels like he took your heart with him. It sucks, BUT is also a great reminder that he's a worthy enough guy to tug at your heartstrings (that's a compliment, Tom!) I hope to continue reading and enjoying your blog xoxo sorry for the ridiculously long message! Love following your Instagram too! (I have a strong Target addiction, also).