Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The "Spend as much time together as possible" plan...

It didn't take us long to realize what we had.
Actually I think we both knew, before we even met,
that we had something pretty special.

When you are in loovvvveeee
you want to spend every free second together.

Tom and I haven't been as lucky as others
to be able to spend all that time together.

Instead we got skype.
And thank goodness we did.

As amazing as skype is, our time together put it to shame.
The three weeks this past summer were so amazing
that when it was over it left us in a state of depression.

Three weeks is not a long time, but it was more than enough time
for me to see how much i cared about Tom.

Considering i was already in love with the guy before he got here,
it only took me about a day to get really comfortable with him,
and then the rest of the time was just pure bliss.

But then it was over, and it left us wanting.

While Tom was here we started planning what this next
year might possibly look like.

I was graduating so that meant we could really 
play with the free time that i would then have.

That's when the "spend as much time together"
plan was put into effect.

When Tom left the plan was for me to come
over to England for a few months
at the beginning of 2014.
After graduation,
once i was free.

We would be separated for another 6 months
womp womp...

Then Thanksgiving happened :)
We got a week together in between the wait time.

And now we have finally reached
the moment we've been waiting for.

It's finally time, 5 months of Tomily time.

I haven't packed...
remember when i said i was
going to be smart and plan/pack early.

I'm very excited, very very excited.
I'm ready for this adventure to start :)

Thank you all for the kind words for my Grandpa Rex.
He's been moved to the Hospital and we're
just kind of waiting to know more.

Travel plans are still up in the air.

You're all wonderful people!!
Have a great day!!

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