Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Brasco Lounge

I'm currently in bed watching a movie and
eating Doritos (the cool ranch kind) and drinking a diet coke
that I got from the bargain booze down the road.

For those of you wondering what I do with my days...well...
I do a lot more than this...thaannkk gooodddneessss!!

I am enjoying my little day off.
I'll be getting out of bed around 5 to
go meet Tom after work for a little date
with our friends treadmill and weight machine.

This weekend was a good one.
I got to meet a lot of Tom's family
which was fun, it reminded me of what
I put him through at the BBQ we had for him
when he was in Texas ;)

I now owe him big for that!!

It was great though, he has such a nice family.
I got to meet so many people, including some youngsters
who were hilarious to hang with.

Honestly if I had it my way i think I'd sit at the kid
table voluntarily for forever just because those
kids say the funniest things!!

Yesterday Tom had half the day off so we decided
to go to lunch together before he had to go in.

We really enjoy trying out new places
and we've been looking at different restaurants since
before I came last November.

So yesterday we decided to go to a restaurant that
we had been thinking about for a while but
we just hadn't made it over there yet.

It's called Brasco Lounge.
And it's SO adorable, it's like out of a magazine
or a pinterest board and we just fell in love with it.

From the different colored distressed wooden tables and chairs
to the different lighting around every corner 
to all of the fab wall pictures...sighhhh
It was a dream!!

{All photos taken with iphone}

And the food was great too!
I had a chili dog..yea..in a place like this ;)
Tom had a falafel burger with Halloumi...
If you haven't had halloumi then you are missing out my friends!!
They have lots of different types of food, even Tapas.

It is now one of our favorite places to eat in Liverpool.
They even have coffee and snacks too if you're just popping in
for a light snack or for a nice warm drink.

Basically we'll be returning very soon! :)

Hope you're all having a great week!

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