Friday, March 14, 2014

Living Abroad

I was 18 and leaving home for the first time.
I was a homebody for the first 18 years of my life.
The two times I had left and been out on my own
was when I was 14 going to Church Camp for a week,
and when I was 16 going on a choir trip to Colorado.

So that's two weeks out of my life that I chose to leave home
and I'll be honest, both occasions were terrifying.

I loved being home, with my family and friends,
there was nothing happening that would surprise me.
Everything was normal, easy and safe!

Then I went to University in AR and lived
on my own for the first time and it really rocked my world.

Like i've said before, I hated it.
I felt lost, everything was hard and the small
town that I lived in was so far from home.

Then I decided to make a change in my attitude.
To realize that this world is not as scary as I had made it out to be.
That I was an adult and could make my own decisions.
That I had control of my life, and my future.
That's when the whole world opened up and 
I became more free than I had ever felt before.

At the end of these 5 months in England I will be able
to say that i have lived abroad for a total of 8 months.
3 months in France, 5 in England.

My 18 year old self would have been shocked!!!

It's never ideal being away from family.
And I know it's hard on both sides.

My family misses me just as I miss them
but i'm just so thankful to have the family I have.
They are supportive of everything I do, and without their
guidance, love and support I would not be having
this amazing experience that i'm having today.

I know i'm living in a little dream world right now.
I also know that won't last for forever.

Jobs/rent/bills will creep in and life will get real.
But i'm a firm believer that life can be the best if you're
surrounded by people you love and who love you in return,
and It doesn't hurt to be in a place that makes you happy either.
I'm an optimist/ life will always feel amazing
because that's just my attitude towards everything.

As I've mentioned before, after my five month stay in England
Tom and I will go back to being long distance love birds...
And it's going to succkkk!!

So we've been looking into loads of ways that two people
can be together for longer than 3 months and work at the same time.
Because like i've also said...we both need to be working.
We need to be saving money..paying off student loan collectors
and well just lots of other things...

So how do we do that??
Well there are a few options.

Go bankrupt flying back and forth
to see each other for a week or weekend
like once or twice every few months...

Get hitched

Marriage is expensive.
I may be an optimist/dreamer but Tom is a realist
and in reality you need moneeyyyy to be married!!!
Especially when you also have to get a visa 
for one person to get over to the other country...

get a work visa {go bankrupt getting it}
Work visas are hard to come by and expensive to get
if you go the non traditional route.
Traditional route is go to school...get hosted by company.
Probably not happening...

- Get a Working Holiday Visa - 
A lovely person left a comment on my blog
about checking out WHV's.
Mind blown!!!!

I didn't even know something like this existed...
I hope if you are looking for an adventure and need to
make money at the same time that you will look into this.

A few Countries offer this Visa.
The one's I know of are Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
I don't know much about the Canada one but Tom and I
have been researching Australia like crazy.

Is it totally crazy to think about going to another country
that isn't home to either of us just to ensure that 
we are able to stay together longer???


But it seems like a really really cool option
so instead of being apart we will be together...
instead of only one of us working we can both work...

The Visa is not expensive in terms of how expensive visas usually are.
It's only for 12 months but that's more than enough time for us
to explore, make some money and figure out some more details.

A lot of people use this Visa mainly to backpack across Australia.
Which is crazy cool if you can afford to do that.

I think in our case we'd be using it to stay in one crazy amazing place
for about 6 some money and then move on
to another totally amazing place for the last 6 months and do the same.

Jobs seem to be pretty available from what i've seen.

So there's that ;)

Let's just say the 18 year old me would pee my pants
if she knew she could go to Australia for a year...


  1. Emily, the working holiday visa sounds like such a cool idea! A friend of mine did it in New Zealand and loved it. She worked as a nanny for 8 months and then backpacked for the remaining four months through NZ and Australia. I'd be way too terrified to go Australia because of all the bugs and spiders and the long plane ride from Europe. But for the two of you it sounds like a great solution :)

    1. Haha I'm hoping that if it does happen we will somehow magically avoid any and all kind of bug or creepy crawly haha wishful thinking!!! And luckily the flight isn't as bad from America haha just feel bad for Tom ;)

  2. Wow, that's such a cool idea! I would totally go to New Zealand. Good luck girl, it isn't easy but it will be worth it in the end

    1. It's like the answer to all of our current issues haha New Zealand looks incredible plus the visa is freeee!!! Can't get much better than that ;) thanks girl, you've always been so sweet and supportive :) I really appreciate it!! :)