Wednesday, March 12, 2014


One of the perks of Tom working at a
concert venue is freeeee tickets.

It doesn't happen often.
In fact, this was the first time we've been given any free tickets.

So let's just say I hope this isn't the last time.

We got free tickets to go see the UK XFactor tour from this past season.

We had fun.
It wasn't really something that Tom or myself
would have paid to go see, but it was fun and free
so no complaining here ;)

The seats were amazing.
We were really close to all of the action.

And they were the perfect seats for people watching.
There were tons of girls under 12 who were
just dying over some of the x factor boys.
It was hilarious!!


Tonight we're going to see the Grand Budapest Hotel.
I've heard good things, i'm excited!!

Oh and we're going to a buffet place.
I'm normally against them but this place looks amazing.
Where my stretchy pants at???



  1. Your ears must have hurt from all those screaming girls ;-) Please do tell how you liked the movie. I've also heard good things about it but to be honest I wasn't to excited about it after seeing the trailer. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on it. Have fun!

  2. Quick (and veerrry important): have you experienced a sunday pub roast yet? That was one of my absolutely favorite things of my time there. yorkshire pudding....roasted potatoes... in a beer garden... oh goodness. pleease say you agree?

  3. Sounds like an amazing time you're having! I do have a suggestion for a post- can you and Tom do a Q & A again? That was a neat idea for a post and I really enjoyed it! :D