Monday, April 21, 2014

Favorite things

I'm currently loving flowers.
Tom laughs at me every time I stop to literally smell the roses.
I can't pass a bush of flowers without taking them in.
And right now, Spring has sprung and the flowers
are in full bloom and i'm loving it!!

I'm loving this skirt from H&M.
It's a maxi skirt, with pockets, color is cognac.
I window shopped this skirt for like a month before
finally buying it and i'm so glad i did.
It's so lovely!!

H&M has really hit it off with me so far this season.
These shoes, are so comfy and are floral.
Double win!!

At least it was a double win until i dropped pasta sauce
in a Tesco and it went all over them.

They've been washed so all is well!!
I've bought three different pairs so far and i love them all.

Sunshine and the great outdoors.
Tom and I have swapped the gym for some
much needed sunshine and football or tennis.

I think i'd much rather play outside than go to the gym.

And finally i'm loving game of thrones.
Holy Moly!!

This show is so good.
Tom and i questioned whether or not to watch it for a long time.
I'm glad we finally started it, now we're almost caught up to the current episode
which is SO great because spoilers have been ruining our lives!!!

Hope you're all having a great day!!

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