Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mean kids!

I love kids, i do, but I could do without the mean ones.
Not really do without them, like i don't want to lock them away in a dungeon,
but rather put them into a school that teaches them to be polite.

Mean kids make me really uncomfortable. 
Maybe it's because I'm a nice girl and I've always been a nice girl.
So when I see a really mean kid  I'm like whhaaaaaa??? 
How can you be mean? You're like 10!!!

    mean gif photo: You Are Mean YouAreMean.gif

Then i'm reminded of monkey see monkey do
and a majority of kids learn to be mean from parents,
or siblings or kids at school or they're just really observant
and they see random people being mean and just think it looks good.

But really, when you stumble upon a mean kid or a couple of mean kids
you just really feel like putting them in their place and giving them
a lesson that will make them sit back and think about their actions.

The other day I was on the bus by myself and these two
teenage kids were sitting at the front of the bus in the cool bus seats.

They were not deserving of those bus seats, but that's not the point...

One of them decided it would be funny to draw a penis on the foggy window
while the other one played a game called pick out the ugliest
woman walking down the street.

mean gif photo: Regina George Crying .gif cryyyyyy3.gif

More and more rude comments came followed by some
Hitler hand gestures that eventually led me to a dangerously dark place.

I was so ready to zing them.
Teach them a lesson.

My favorite line that i came up with was walking up to them and asking
if the penis drawn on the window was a self portrait...

"Oh wow, did you draw that?? It looks just like you, well done!!"

laugh gif photo: lol 2 e09f5746.gif

Whoaaaaa Em!!! Calm down tiger!!!!
I giggled to myself at what could have been
and then i went on my way.

Once i met Tom in town he told me that he saw a little kid
who was probably like 8 spit on an old man who was 
playing an instrument for some extra money.

He spit on him.
That's like one of the most degrading things
one human can do to another and it was a kid spitting on an old man.

My heart broke, we walked over and gave the man some money
and went on our way, which really meant kept an eye out for the bratty kid
so we could say something to him about respect.

We passed the kid again, Tom spotted him and we said nothing.
As much as i would have LOVED to teach him a lesson worth learning
there was nothing that i was going to say to him that would change his ways.

Plus i was probably going to tell him something like
how we gave the cops his picture and they were after him.

I really just wanted to make him pee his pants.

But then i was like hmmm...that's like being mean to a meanie
and what does that teach the meanie??
Probably nothing.

So how do you deal with mean kids that aren't your kids??
No clue!! I just hope my future kids are like superbly nice
which i'm sure they will be because i'm really nice.
And I promise to keep my zings to myself.

Us nice people have some darkness too, we are just better at keeping it locked away.
And while we may not say the things we think we sure do giggle about them.
If you see a nice person giggle it's probably because they've thought of something
in their heads that they'd never ever say out loud.
It's the truest of true statements.

Hope you're all having a good weekend ;)

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