Friday, April 18, 2014

Open for business :)

Remember that Etsy shop I had before I came to England??
I put it on vacation mode so i wouldn't have to worry about how
to get a gold glitter Texas canvas to someone while I was in England.

Well now that i've only got a little over a month left in England
i've decided to re-open the shop and take pre-orders
that i can make once i'm back home.

This way, if i get any orders, i'll have some income
to come home to while interviewing for jobbsss.
I've had loads of emails about the canvases so maybe now
people can just buy them now as long as they're ok
waiting till mid June for the shipment :)

I've also got a few more items coming to the shop.
I probably will wait to post those until i can get them
completely figured out but i'm excited to re-open and get
my little shop going again :)


Once again thanks for all of the kind words over the past week!! 
My family really really appreciates it :)

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