Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Saying goodbye!!

It's been a really strange and emotional week so far.
The news of death can take you to some weird places that
most people are not used to visiting.

I'm thankful that death is not the norm.
I'm thankful that we aren't skilled grievers because
that would mean our lives were full of sadness.

I'm thankful that people are nice and when sad
things like a death in the family happen people band together
whether they knew the individual or not.

I'm thankful for babies which might sound out of place
but my cousin and his wife had a little baby boy
just a few days after my Grandpa passed.

The circle of life is amazing and miraculous and
totally, totally depressing and wonderful all at the same time.

Today I laid in my bed with my phone on the pillow next to my head
and I listened to the funeral of my Grandpa that was taking place this morning.

Thank God for technology and what we're
able to do with it these days!!

I was able to see some family over the week via facetime or skype.
I was able to see my grandpa laid to rest.
I was able to have peace with the fact
that he's gone to a much better place.

I like to keep busy when i'm sad.
Tom and I have played football at the park a few times.
And we've gone to dinner and a movie.

We played tennis yesterday and during the first match
I looked up at the sky and a flood of emotions came over me.

I started to cry, Tom came over and comforted me
and we talked and I cried, Tom hugged me and I cried.

Today I sat on a football pitch while Tom was running after the ball he kicked,
and I looked out at the sky and the tree's and the clouds and the grass and
just really looked at the world around me that still looks the same
but it feels like i'm in a totally different place than I was in a few days ago.


A year and a half ago when I met Tom I did not know
that he was going to be the one wiping my tears when my Grandpa passed away.

As we grew together as a couple I knew I loved him
and I knew that I was very lucky to have a funny and kind man
by my side in all types of situations.

Those situations have never been as real as they got this week.
This week Tom really really blew me away.

I honestly could not ask for a better man.
He has looked after me and taken care of me all week.
He makes sure i'm ok and if i'm not ok
he sits with me and talks to me and gives
me forehead kisses and holds my hand and
he makes me feel so warm and loved
when i'm feeling so very sad.

*Relationship advice from Emily - Find someone who will hold you
and kiss you and love you when your tears have made your face
all red and hot and your eyes all puffy and wet. Someone who doesn't mind all of
the nose boogies after a good long cry. Someone who cares for you
so deeply that they don't want anything more than to make sure you are taken care of.

I love Tom so much and i'm glad i've got him
around me during this really hard time.

And i'm also really glad that Tom and my Grandpa were
able to meet each other last summer in Texas.

I know Grandpa really liked Tom a lot, even if he couldn't
really understand a lot of what Tom said ;)

One of Granpa's favorite verses was read today during the funeral.
It's been marked in my Bible with the date and Grandpa's name written next to it.

Grandpa was such a wonderful man who made sure he showed love
to everyone he ever crossed paths with!!

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I want to thank everyone for the kind words over the past few days
and for the support that is sure to continue.

Like I said earlier, people are really really great!!

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  1. So sorry to hear about the passing of your grandpa. May he rest in peace. It's good to hear that you found someone to love who is perfect in situations like this. Y'all both deserve all the happiness in the world.